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[   ]ADR Rule of Thumb Validity and Suggestions for Its Application.pdf419K 
[   ]A Systems Approach to Service Quality.pdf188K 
[   ]An Automated Valuation Model for Hotels.pdf191K 
[   ]Are satisfied customers loyal Customers Loyal.pdf241K 
[   ]Association of Nonfinancial Performance Measures with the Financial Performance of a Lodging Chain.pdf155K 
[   ]Best Practices in the Assessment of Hotel-guest Attitudes.pdf452K 
[   ]Carnival Cruise Lines.pdf528K 
[   ]Customer Satisfaction Applying Concepts to Industry-wide Measures.pdf376K 
[   ]Evaluating the Impact of Human Resources.pdf227K 
[   ]Global Brand Expansion- How to Select a Market Entry Strategy.pdf111K 
[   ]Hotel Reform in China.pdf139K 
[   ]Invoking Social Norms.pdf 72K 
[   ]Is That a Finger in My Chili.pdf270K 
[   ]Local versus Foreign Workers in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.pdf114K 
[   ]Managing Hotel Brand Equity.pdf409K 
[   ]Measuring Customer based Restaurant Brand Equity.pdf216K 
[   ]Professionalizing the Human Resources Function.pdf224K 
[   ]The Risk to the American Fast-Food Industry of Obesity Litigation.pdf112K 
[   ]The Role of Brand Affiliation in Hotel Market Value.pdf118K 
[   ]Theoretical Research and Applied Research.pdf468K 
[   ]Why Restaurants Fail.pdf1.0M 
[   ]Wine Promotions in Restaurants.pdf108K 
[   ]strategic hotel development and positioning.pdf125K